Imagination Station uses:

  • A thematic curriculum
  • Baby Signs
  • Zoo Phonics
  • Growing up Wild Science curriculum
  • LANA (Nutrition and Wellness Program)
  • Gospel Light and Hands On Bible curriculums 

to support and enhance early childhood learning.  Each learning opportunity emphasizes hands on experiences for all ages. 

Upcoming Events

The academic year is upon us!  Check out some of our upcoming events!

Imagination Station 2012 Calendar

Welcome to Imagination Station

We are a NAEYC Accreditated Child Care and Learning Center where children receive a well rounded program, taught by professionals, promoting the intellectual, spiritual and physical growth and development of each child.

At Imagination Station, we have it all - active learning through hands-on, age appropriate engaging activities, story-time, open ended art, Bible time and quiet time.  Your children will receive plenty of fresh air with buggie rides for our infants and toddlers, nature walks for our preschoolers and outdoor playground time for everyone. All of which, are fostered, guided and taught by Christian professionals.

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