young toddlers

12 months-30 months

Our Choo Choo and Box Car Rooms provide learning experiences for your active toddler. We have learning centers that include blocks, sensory, home-living, and art.

  • The block center is a great place to explore cause and effect, by building things up and watching them fall down.
  • The sensory center is a great area to explore all types of textures, utilitizing your five senses.
  • In the homeliving center, the children enjoy cooking meals, feeding babies and learning to get along with other children.
  • The art center is filled with wonderful textures; from finger-paints to feathers and much, much more. We believe in open ended art experiences.
  • Story time, music movement and outdoor activities such as buggie rides and free play time, complete our busy day.

Baby Signs :  As Imagination Station seeks out the best ways to equip our children and families for success, this program has been proven to be an effective tool in bridging the early communication gap.  The ORIGINAL sign language program for hearing babies, has been bringing powerful, research-proven benefits to babies and their families around the world for over 25 years. The Baby Signs Program is the world's leading program for hearing infants and toddlers because it is the only program that:

  • Was developed by child development experts specifically for hearing babies.
  • Has been scientifically tested and proven to provide positive benefits for babies and their families.
  • Is based on American Sign Language with added flexibility to meet the needs of all families
  • Offers a full range of signing classes and products for babies, parents and child development centers.